Farpoint Films Sells New Doc Series ‘The Day My Job Tried To Kill Me’ To DCD Rights

MAY 22, 2019Farpoint Films announced today the sale of its new show, The Day My Job Tried To Kill Me, to UK-based DCD Rights. The 13, one hour episodes will begin filming in Manitoba in July and be crewed by more than 30 film and television professionals from Winnipeg.

“We are excited to tell these real-life workplace stories with our partners from DCD Rights,” said Executive Producer at Farpoint Films, Kyle Bornais. “This series will give the viewer a better understanding of how these devastating incidents came to be and will use the talents of many in the Manitoba film and TV production industry to bring it to screens around the world.”

Each episode of The Day My Job Tried To Kill Me (13 x 60) will examine one instance where survivors detail the day that their workplace turned into a living hell. The show will go behind the headlines of some of the world's most infamous workplace disasters and talk to survivors and witnesses of how that moment changed their life forever.

Woven into these riveting cases will be the cold, hard facts of exactly what failed and what caused the unimaginable to happen. These deep dives into the science of the incident will give the audience a much needed breath from the human drama unfolding in front of them on the screen. It will also feature dramatic recreations blended with actual footage from the incident to give the audience a fully immersive experience.

DCD Rights is one of the UK’s leading independent television distribution companies. The Company has over 30 years of international experience in acquiring and distributing multi-genre, high quality programming and programme formats. With over 3,000 hours of programming to offer, the catalogue encompasses a diverse range of genres, from cutting edge factual, and high profile drama to the best music acts, entertainment, lifestyle, documentary, and films.

DCD Rights represents programmes on behalf of companies as diverse as BBC Studios, UKTV, TLC, US public groups such as Rainbow Networks (owners of AMC, IFC, WE tv and Sundance), as well as over 70 independent producers such as Tern, FirstLookTV, and The Open University.

Eight Nominations For Films Produced In Winnipeg For Farpoint Films And Middle Child Films

APRIL 12, 2019Farpoint Films and Middle Child Films are pleased to announce that two of their recently produced, and made-in-Manitoba, films – Room For Rent and Sorry For Your Loss – received eight Canadian Comedy Awards nominations earlier today.

Room For Rent
was nominated for Best Feature, Best Performance in a Feature (Mark Little and Mark McKinney), Best Writing in a Feature (Matthew Atkinson), and Best Direction in a Feature (Matthew Atkinson).

Sorry For Your Loss was nominated for Best Feature, Best Performance in a Feature (Bruce Greenwood), and Best Writing in a Feature (Collin Friesen).

The 19th annual Canadian Comedy Awards is an annual awards ceremony celebrating notable Canadian comedians for achievements in Live, TV, Film, Radio and Web comedy. The awards will be presented at a reception on Sunday, June 2, 2019.

“We're excited that both Room For Rent and Sorry For Your Loss are nominated for eight Canadian Comedy Awards,” said Kyle Bornais of Farpoint Films. “Each film is unique and funny and the talent in-front of the camera and behind it deserves to be recognized.”

Room For Rent is available on iTunes and Crave. Sorry For Your Loss is opening next month in theatres across Canada.

Room For Rent was produced by Kyle Bornais and Justin Rebelo, co-produced by Robert Scarborough, Scott Gfeller and Shawn Myrick, and executive-produced by Tony Wosk, Scott R. Leary, Jay Firestone, John Laing, Mark Gingras, and Mark Satterthwaite.

SFYL was produced by Kyle Bornais and Tony Wosk, and executive-produced by Scott R. Leary, Jeff Sackman and Berry Meyerowitz.


OCTOBER 9, 2018Farpoint Films announced today the sale of 52 hours of new, in-house created, unscripted television to both Rive Gauche Television and Kew Media Group. The programs - My Misdiagnosis, I Survived, and I Hostage – were filmed mostly in Manitoba and crewed by more than 30 film and television professionals in Winnipeg.