Farpoint Films announced today the sale of 52 hours of new, in-house created, unscripted television to both Rive Gauche Television and Kew Media Group. The programs - My Misdiagnosis, I Survived, and I Hostage – were filmed mostly in Manitoba and crewed by more than 30 film and television professionals in Winnipeg.

“We're thrilled to tell these real-life stories and utilize the many talents in the growing film and television industry in Manitoba,” said Executive Producer at Farpoint Films, Kyle Bornais. “These series showcase events that happen around the world on a daily basis and we know it will connect with audiences through our partners at Rive and Kew.”

Each episode of My Misdiagnosis (26 x 60) - for Rive Gauche - features two factual stories told by patients and survivors about how they received the incorrect diagnosis from a medical professional and luckily sought out a second opinion that ultimately saved their life. Through recreations and expert analysis, My Misdiagnosis aims to inspire others to seek out a second, or even third, opinion if they don't feel right.

I Survived (13 x 60) and I Hostage (13 x 60) – for Kew Media Group – are series that show the resiliency of the human spirit in some of the most intense and life-threatening events in recent history. I Survived chronicles the stories of the people, through first-hand interviews and recreations, that have survived dangerous natural, and man-made, disasters. I Hostage tells the stories of people that were taken against their will and held captive, but managed to survive.

Kew Media Distribution, part of Kew Media Group, produces and acquires more than 1,000 hours of new multi-genre content every year and distributes a diverse catalogue of film, television and digital assets to broadcasters and viewing platforms across the world.

Rive Gauche Television’s credits include Something's Killing Me, Trace Of Evil, Egg Factor, Homicide's Elite, Written In Blood, Donal MacIntyre's Murder Files and more.


Rive Gauche hands out Misdiagnosis via C21