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Menorca is a dramatic feature film about a hedonistic soccer mom (Tammy Gillis) that embarks on a strange journey of self-discovery and seeks to reconnect with her estranged son by returning his pet rock back to the island of Menorca, Spain.

Written and directed by John Barnard; executive produced by Chris Charney, Scott R. Leary, Michael O'Sullivan; produced by Kyle Bornais, John Barnard; music by Mitch Dorge; edited by Markus Henkel, John Barnard, Fabian Velasco; cinematography by Markus Henkel; production manager Trevor Suffield.

Starring: Tammy Gillis, Sheila E. Campbell, Talia Pura, Dorothy Carroll, Aaron Merke, Jason Wishnowski, Logan Creran, Krystal Dawn Snow, Michael O'Sullivan


Best Actress - Tammy Gillis - at the 2017 UBCP / ACTRA Awards
Best Director (John Barnard) & Best Actress (Tammy Gillis) at the Solaris Film Festival (2017)
Best Feature Length Film, Cinematography, Production Design, and Sound at the Windy Awards (2017)
Tammy Gillis - Best Actress Award at the Noida International Film Festival (2017)