2009 Hugo Television Award
2009 Accolade Award Of Excellence

Lost Bones: In Search Of Sitting Bull's Grave

In 1953, a few residents from Mobridge, South Dakota snuck across the North Dakota border and stole the bones of famed Lakota leader Sitting Bull. They reburied his remains in a site near their town, but since then, many have wondered whether the Mobridge ghouls grabbed the right bones during their midnight grave robbing.

More than five decades later, the question of where Sitting Bull is truly buried would once again resurface, but this time it was in the form of a family history. The history stated that soon after Sitting Bull's death in 1890, his body was spirited away, taken for a secret burial. Who moved Sitting Bull's body and where was their final destination?

Through stylized recreations and interviews with Sitting Bull's great grandson Ernie Lapointe and Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Chairman Ron His Horse Is Thunder, Lost Bones explores this fascinating story alongside the extraordinary accomplishments Sitting Bull made during his lifetime.