Escape Or Die! Premieres on OLN

Farpoint Films is proud to announce their latest series, Escape Or Die!, will premiere on OLN on April 14, 2015.

Escape Or Die! is a behind the scenes look at The World's Greatest Escape Artist - Dean Gunnarson - as he attempts death-defying escapes across the world. From the inception and planning of the escapes from his home-base - The Morgue - in Riding Mountain National Park, to attempting the escapes in front of live audiences in exotic locations like Malaysia and Shanghai.

The Escape Or Die! creative team includes Kyle Bornais (executive producer), John Barnard (director), Chris Charney (supervising producer/senior story editor/writer), Scott R. Leary (producer), Tony Wosk (consulting producer), Markus Henkel (camera/editor), and Trevor Suffield (production coordinator/story editor/writer).