Bachman Wins Audience Choice Award at 2018 Gimli Film Festival

Bachman, the definitive documentary on music legend Randy Bachman, won the Audience Choice Award at the 2018 Gimli Film Festival.

The film - which was written and directed by John Barnard - won the award for being the most highly ranked film at this year's event.

Bachman traces the life and times of award-winning singer/songwriter Randy Bachman - from his days in The Guess Who, Brave Belt, Iron Horse, Bachman-Turner Overdrive to all of his solo material - all the way to his most recent release, a tribute to George Harrison. It chronicles the highs and lows that this music icon has gone through and still continues to thrive and play music to adoring fans around the world.

The Gimli Film Festival showcases the best new films from Canada's most promising directors and an exceptional selection of features, documentaries and shorts from around the world.