Farpoint Films And AMN Productions To Adapt The Week I Ruined My Life

Farpoint Films and Park Films are pleased to announce that they will be developing the novel, The Week I Ruined My Life, by Caroline Grace-Cassidy.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and the Canada Media Fund will be financing the co-development of audiovisual content under the Canada-Ireland Co-development Incentive for Audio-Visual Projects including The Week I Ruined My Life.

The Week I Ruined My Life is about Ali Devlin, who isn’t the type of woman to have an affair. But as her marriage to her childhood sweetheart Colin turns bitter, she begins to rediscover the woman she once was. She seeks solace from her toxic relationship by throwing herself into a new job that she loves, by confiding in her best friend Corina and, most dangerously of all, by spending more and more time with her workmate Owen – who just so happens to be passionate, charming and everything her husband used to be. Then one heat-of-the-moment decision on a business trip to Toronto sets off a series of events that will change the course of all their lives forever.