Mitch Dorge To Be Honoured With Macdonald Youth Services Award

Farpoint Films is proud to announce that Mitch Dorge has been named the recipient of the 2016 Sir Hugh John Macdonald Memorial Award presented by Macdonald Youth Services (MYS).

Dorge, a composer and sound editor at Farpoint Films, will be presented the award at the MYS Spring Event in May 2016 for his work speaking to youths about making positive choices.

MYS presents the award annually to a member of the community that best demonstrates the values and virtues of Sir Hugh John Macdonald. The recipient must demonstrate the values of respect and fairness towards youth, and offers practical assistance to help youth develop life skills.

“I’m usually not big on awards but this acknowledgment comes from a different place,” said Dorge. “It’s not about sales or a subjective art form. It’s somebody saying: ‘We think you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. Thank you. Please continue to do so’.”

An award-winning musician and composer, Dorge regularly travels across the country and speaks at schools, engaging students with his own journey and encourages them to follow their dreams, set goals for themselves and to make the choices that will help them be successful in the future.

“Mitch came into our lives through his public speaking, but then stayed with us to compose music,” said John Barnard of Farpoint Films, who directed the documentary short, Mitch Dorge: Downsampling Perception. “It sort of served as a gateway to what I consider my most important collaborative relationship. For that alone, I think he deserves a trophy, but it’s also pretty incredible to watch him do it.”

Dorge’s musical contributions to the world include being a member and co-producer of the Crash Test Dummies; producing and performing on numerous Manitoba artist’s albums; composing music for the feature film Menorca, and television shows Escape Or Die!, The Illegal Eater, The Medicine Line and more.

Past recipients of the Sir Hugh John Macdonald Memorial Award include Andrew McLean, Edward Kennedy, Louis Trepel, Tallman Family, Emily Shane, Bill Knight, George Sigurdson and Ulysses Desrochers.

Macdonald Youth Services is a charitable organization providing support, care, and treatment for children, youth, young adults and their families, based in Winnipeg.