Production Services

Farpoint Films has an established reputation as a leader in creative and diverse projects in the Canadian film and television industry. Farpoint creates, develops, and produces television and film projects designed for local and international markets.

Canadian Tax Credit Advisors

Farpoint Fims will help you take advantage of the exciting Canada and Manitoba tax credit incentive programs to make the most of your dollar. From Canadian content productions to inter-Provincial co-productions to International co-productions, Farpoint will advise you on budgeting and scheduling for your next film and television project. For more information, contact us at

TV & Film Development

From tailoring budgets to writing feature and television screenplays, Farpoint Films will oversee each and every stage of your concept development. Look no further than our projects page to see our list of successes. 

TV & Film Production

From understanding the Canadian and Manitoba tax credit programs to finding the crew to shoot your latest project, Farpoint will help you hand-craft your production to the highest standard.

HD Post Facilities

Our High Definition post-production facility is capable of handling your post-production needs. Our facility has online uncompressed suites and the personnel needed to run them. Approach us at any stage of production to discuss your post-production needs.  

For more information, contact us at