Menorca Vancouver Screening

Saturday, April 15: 8:15pm
Thursday, April 20: 6:30pm

Writer-director John Barnard lobs a Molotov cocktail in the general direction of Canadian suburbia in this provocative, funny, and sometimes shocking drama about a rebellious soccer mom, Claire (the extraordinary Tammy Gillis), who won’t settle for domestic banality when casual sex is much more fun. Stealing a neighbour’s minivan for an impromptu road trip, and picking up the nearest available hunky hitchhiker for cheap thrills, the self-declared "worst mom ever" is still shocked when her seven-year-old son announces he’s through with her and she need not come back home.

The end of the road culminates in a gig at Paradise, a seriously weird titty bar, but our heroine means to go further still: back to the island of Menorca to prove something to her boy - and to herself.

Visually compelling and sporting a David Lynch influence for all to see, Menorca is itself a rousing declaration of intent from the director of The Sheepdogs Have At It.

Q & A Saturday with actress Tammy Gillis

"Between the confidently slick weirdness and Gillis’s on-screen chops, Menorca somehow gets under your skin." Adrian Mack, Georgia Straight

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