Beyond The Chair

Beyond The Chair follows the owner of Hunter & Gunn barbershop, Jeremy Regan, as he travels across Manitoba to explore the barber culture in his home province. Jeremy interviews career barbers and barbers just starting out to find out how and why they do what they do. Jeremy's shop contributes to the community in many ways, and he's curious to find out how other shops are involved in the community.

Hosted by Jeremy Regan

Directed by Chris Charney
Written by Trevor Suffield
Filmed by John Gurdebeke & Dave Gaudet
Edited by Jonathan Le

The Book Of Vaudeville (2011)

In 1950, Gene Shelly rescued the tattered remains of an ancient scrapbook from a Winnipeg demolition site. This is the story of that mysterious book, and the group of performers who unlocked its secrets.

Featuring: Onalee Ames, Sarah Constible, Tricia Cooper, Jacqueline Loewen, Andrew Cecon, Dean Gunnarson, Stephen Eric McIntyre, Ross McMillan and Owen Clarke and his band.

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Willy's Garage

Willy’s Garage delves into the science of unique vehicles: what makes it move? What makes it safe? What’s the history and background of the vehicle? How is it all put together? Willy gets to know the in’s and outs of a unique vehicle then gives his team back at the garage instructions on how to create and construct a carbon copy, which Willy prepares himself to cruise, race, ride, or fly.

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The Paper Nazis (2011)

The Paper Nazis exposes one of the strangest and ugliest chapters in Canadian history as writer/director Andrew Wall confronts the anti-Semitism, fascism, and Nazism that existed during the 1930's in his home town of Winnipeg.

Told through dramatic reenactments and interviews with historians, The Paper Nazis sheds light on the formation of a movement and its means to distribute information to the masses.

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Musical Ghosts (2010)

In September, 1914, the New Orleans Creole Orchestra played Winnipeg’s Pantages Playhouse Theatre for their first international concert, bringing with them a new type of music from their hometown: Jazz. Musical Ghosts uses this moment as a launching point, exploring the people and places of Winnipeg's Jazz scene from 1914 - 1966.

Based on the book by Winnipeg author and musician Owen Clark and featuring a performance by The George Reznik Trio.

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Winnipeg Burlesque (2009)

From the 1960’s until the late 1980’s every exotic dancer in the city of Winnipeg was managed by one woman: Gladys Balsillie.  This is the story of those three decades and the wild antics that ensued.  Told with interviews and sexy dramatic recreations, you don’t have to know where Winnipeg is to enjoy this story about striptease in a small Canadian city.

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