Motherhood's Not For Everyone

True|Self - This is a story about a rock named George. Or, it's a story about a bad soccer mom turned hitchhiker turned stripper. Or, it's a story about the consequences of displacement, the power of female friendships, and the complexities of independence. While slowly getting tipsy at her 7-year old son's soccer game, Claire can't take it anymore. She makes a run for it.

With a stolen car, Claire finally starts her life of independance. "Life is short," she tells us in voiceover, "and I've got a lot of shit to do." Could anyone have said it better? Waking up the next morning in a motel, the hitchhiker she brought there gone (as well as some items from her purse), it seems that regret is already setting in. But a call from her son sends her back to reality in one sharp snap: "Don't come back here."

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