Menorca’ Leans In…To The Ugliness Of Motherhood

Westender - Mothers have mostly broken free from 1950s-era stereotypes. We’re no longer expected to stay barefoot and pregnant ad infininitum, or aim for unattainable June Cleaver levels of domesticity. These days, motherhood is framed as a choice, the first of many related to childrearing: breastfeed or not; co-sleep or not; daycare or not.

But motherhood can be ugly – rife with self-doubt, isolation, boredom, and sometimes even the nagging feeling that you might have made the wrong choice in the first place. Such ugliness is rarely depicted on television or in films – and when it is, like in Bad Moms or Sex and the City, it’s a comedic device, something to laugh at and veer past as quickly as possible.

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