We’re the Weakerthans, We’re from Winnipeg

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E1 Entertainment/MTS Winnipeg On Demand
90 Minutes/Colour/2010

We’re the Weakerthans, We’re from Winnipeg follows one of Canada’s most acclaimed and beloved rock bands on an epic cross-country tour from St. John’s, Newfoundland all the way up to Whitehorse, rocking and rolling into the hearts of thousands along the way.

From vast big-city venues to tiny small-town taverns, this feature-length documentary weaves the band’s special blend of lyrical majesty and blistering instrumentation with unforgettable characters and a rare behind-the-scenes look at the shenanigans that only a touring band would dare.

Thoughtful reflection, oddball anecdotes and the strange mix of cramped quarters and vast scenic vistas over the unmistakable tones of The Weakerthans will delight your senses and make you proud to say, “We’re from Winnipeg.”

About This Production

Starring The Weakerthans

Stephen Carroll

John K. Sampson

Greg Smith

Jason Tait


Christine Fellows

Rusty Matyas

Julie Penner


Caelum Vatnsdal


Kyle Bornais


Caelum Vatnsdal

Andrew Wall

Director Of Photography

David Gaudet

Executive Producer

Cam Bennett

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